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Puyo Puyo rlz!

Me too, have discovered many cool systems I had only heard about. The C64 for example, it may be the most sold machine ever or whatever, but it was unheard here in Brazil (I only saw one in my whole life, and it wasnt working), or the Amstrad CPC. The best thing on those machines was seeing european games that I only had seen before in the crap speccy ports from the MSX. Games like Bounder and the Monty series had better graphics in those systems.

And I also could try for the 1st time the PC-Engine, which now has one of my fav games ever: Soldier Blade.

Also through emulation I could play arcade games that probably were never available here in Brazil, like Armed Police Batrider, Dodonpachi, Elevator Action Returns, and many others. I could also play for the 1st time the arcade version of Rainbow Islands, a game I had only seen in the Amiga before, and a game that I just love
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