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What I like about the look of this is that there seems to have been a bit of love put into the game, rather than simply remaking Turrican. This is all too rare nowadays when it comes to 2d remakes of games. The soundtracks arent a patch on the originals, and steers too close to generic for my liking, but its not quite as irritating as most, and does have a few decent moments.

As for getting a version for amigas, Id be very surprised if they had any interest in producing a version for something with so few users that is hard to get ahold of and uber expensive (ppc amiga). Not a criticism, just common sense. They simply wouldnt make thier money back, even if they only bought 1 ppc amiga system. MOS, or more likely AROS are better targets from a common sense perspective, but while it'd be nice to have Im not holding my breath.
Not that it matters anyway as with a little time (if not already) the game should work on emulators on the "NG" amiga systems anyway
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