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About emutos-kickdisk.adf, it is similar to the Amiga 1000 kickstart floppy. So it is a very special floppy, probably only usable to startup an Amiga 1000, nothing more. It works fine on WinUAE.

Originally Posted by gibs View Post
This one is Kickable (unlike the previous one) by Blizkick
Good, there is progress

Originally Posted by gibs View Post
but then, I got a red screen.
I don't know where this red screen comes from
The new EmuTOS ROM has correct header and cheksum.
The only background set by EmuTOS is white, so that red background comes from elsewhere. And since EmuTOS (as kickstart replacement) is supposed to be the only software in memory, it looks like there is still mysterious software behind the scenes

Maybe Blizkick does not like 256 kB ROMs?
Are you able to softkick the Kickstart 1.3 with it?

Are the sources of Blizkick available somewhere, or the precise specs of what is required to make a ROM kickable with it?
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