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For test purposes, I've built a custom EmuTOS as an extended ROM running at 0x00f0000. It is successfully bootstrapped by a standard Kickstart 1.3

As far as I understand, such extended ROM exists only on CDTV/CD32, am I right?
I can't see any practical usage of such EmuTOS as extended ROM, so I will not ship it with official EmuTOS binaries.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
But the ROM should have 0x1111 as first word (=256k ROM) and then it should have 0x4ef9 (JMP opcode) and then absolute jump address. Some soft kickers probably assume this format. (All official Commodore ROMs have this format)
Indeed, at least the Kickstart 1.3 bootstrap code for extended ROMs requires that format. I had to respect it for the above hack to work. So I will respect that format in next EmuTOS builds.
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