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Twinworld (Needs real dedication this one)
Batman the Movie (Such a great game – need to memorize the paths on the platforming levels but it's worth it)
The Killing Game Show (left it on overnight and completed the next day)
Midnight Resistance (Very easy and tons of fun!)
Marble Madness
Myth (Love this game, so fun to complete and fairly easy)
All the Dizzys.
Xenon II
Turrican I / II
James Pond 2: Robocod
Cannon Fodder I / II (The first one is great but frustrating on later levels when your team start wasting grenades, II is crap especially the last level)
Silly Putty (Easy)
Another World (Easy) / Flashback
Second Samurai
CJ’s Elephant Antics (Lots of fun this one)
Clockwiser (one of my fave puzzlers)
Troddles (A great Lemmings clone)
Golden Axe (fairly easy)
Bubba n’ Stix
Crazy Sue
Zool I / II
Odyssey (The most epic platformer on the Amiga IMO. The game becomes deeper and deeper the more you play as you gain the various animal shapeshifting abilities and eventually combining them)

No way did you finish New Zealand Story without a cheat Hungry Horace! I finished it with a cheat and that is totally impossible, surely!!!
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