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My name is Vincent Rivière. I was an Atari ST freak 20 years ago, then I switched to Windows. I also use Linux servers daily.
I'm involved in Atari projects such as GCC cross-compiler, EmuTOS and the ACP/FireBee.

I didn't know anything about Amiga, then 2 years ago I tried to port EmuTOS to Amiga hardware for fun. Thanks to the very nice Commodore documentation and WinUAE, I got results very quickly. I finally announced EmuTOS for Amiga publicly a few weeks ago, it will be officially part of the next release.

I'm mainly interested in hacking Amiga hardware (actually WinUAE) with Atari ST stuff, such as custom kickstarts, boot disks, etc. I know the Atari hardware quite well, and the Amiga hardware looks very nice, so there is room for some fun.

I will probably ask a lot of newbie questions.
Thanks for your future support

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