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Kickstart checksum algorithm ?


I'm interested in building custom kickstart ROM alternatives, such as EmuTOS for Amiga.

It seems that kickstart ROMs have a 32-bit checksum at the end. For 256 kB ROMs, it is at offset $3ffe8.

Question 1: Is that long at offset $3ffe8 really is a checksum? I can't find any documentation about it.

Question 2: What is the algorithm to compute that checksum? It seems to be something like computing the sum of all the longs in the ROM, but I can't get the exact value...

Question 3: For a custom kickstart, it that checksum really important? A custom kickstart without checksum works fine with WinUAE. Does any components use that checksum, such as soft kicking tools, etc? I'm in the mood of not including such checksum in custom ROMs if it is not required.

Thanks in advance.
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