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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post

The ground looks bland and boring, the green 'tentacles' totally out of place and the blue of the background... okay, it's blue, so I shouldn't complain. Guess it boils down to personal preference as always, but since you mentioned the firing laser animation, how about the non existing surround shot animation in Turrican 1 then? Now that looks clearly like a rushed conversion to me...

Edit: Just remembered that I always thought that the colours of the status bar at the bottom look quite random in Turrican 1.
Fair points TCD, and this is all subjective of course. It's just, in my opinion, the first, sunny world in Turrican looks positively delightful. I like the light brown turf, interspersed with the weedy green tentacles that, for me, added that little artistic touch. Totally loved the simple yet pretty blue sky as well.

Oh, and I loved that boss, and that boss fight! In fact, I loved the first world from Turrican alot. It really set the tone for the game - a vibrant, colourful and compelling platform shooter that sucked you in and never let you go. The kickarse and trippy chip tunes that were playing in the background complimented it perfectly.

I liked Turrican's status bar better, too - it had a simple yet effective design, again looking pretty and colourful. Turrican 2's seems to go for that shiny steel look, but doesn't quite get there IMHO.

And your point about the gun animation has obvious merit. I just think the Turrican 2 animation looks really blocky and amateurish, and hence I prefer the static stance!

I knew I was going to get in trouble for slaying a sacred cow. Just my two cents, of course.
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