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@Binox / Mark

Guys, I really wish you the best of luck with this project, I am a little confused as Mark said that we (AmiBay) could use the AmiBench name and at one point - had it pointed to AmiBay's URL.

The staff were discussing how best to use it, so we would of appreciated a heads up but sometimes these things just happen personally I wish the both of you the best of luck. If there is anyway I can help, please let me know.


Originally Posted by magnetic View Post
My "track record" sure. I was a licensed Amiga vendor over 10 years, a NewTek distributor and repair business, and worked for Genesi for 2 years.

I sold 1 a1200 cpu card from amibay to someone in my amiga club and i got banned for life.

Yeah buddy I have a bad track record. WTF have you ever done for "Amiga"
"He" devotes a lot of his precious free time for the benefit of others, he helps the community where others would shun it.

As much as I want to I wont disseminate your case here for the community to read as its simply not etiquette to do so - but I am sick of your lying and constant belittling / trolling of one of the most active community focused sites on the net and then fouling up EAB with you litany of lies and half truths to make yourself feel better.

Its very interesting to know that this "someone" you sold the item to knew nothing of AmiBay yet managed to use links to the exact images in their eBay listing from the AmiBay sale thread - in fact the description was completely lifted word for word!.

That's a nice thing you did to your beloved community there =)

Its also interesting to note you are not telling the whole story either since I was the one whom handled your case on AmiBay. Simply put you were caught out being greedy, you showed absolutely no remorse and preferred to lie about it. Banning someone is the very last resort a site has - at its worst it shows a failure to communicate its site polices and guidelines effectively - thats why every BAN is a team decision, and your ban I stand whole-heatedly with.

You have delusions of grandeur and are a parasite to the community

Anyone whom is interested can see your impressive community based conduct here and view your eBay profile here (see Dec 10 /11)
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