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Fiendish Freddy

Hi - I am trying to get a working version of Fiendish Freddy for my A1200. I can unpack adfs on to disk and they work alhtough the Human Cannonball section is messed up and I even located what looked like adfs of the original game which did install under WHDload but again it didn't work.

I originally had it on the ST (happy days of installing all the disks into ram on the massive 4meg upgrade to avoid disk swapping) and then bought it for the Amiga and if my memory serves it wa always quite buggy.

Has anyone got a working whdload install of this game - it's one of my favourites and I would love to play it and save the circus!

Also, does anyone have any idea had to get to the graphics as I have always wanted to remake the game for PC?
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