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Originally Posted by Muzkat View Post

Turrican 2 (nowhere near as good as the original, with inferior graphics, weapons and music)
Burn the HERETIC!

*Ahem, my sincere apologies muzzy, it would appear that my opinion is grossly different than yours... as this is simply one of the best Amiga games, it is unfortunately for you that in this case my opinion is 100% right.... and thats just right, thats 100% internet right! which, as everyone knows is infinitely righter than anything else!


In fact, you are so wrong that even Nike have added a new line of clothing to express their dismay of your comments

Originally Posted by Muzkat View Post

Sidewinder (one excellent, and highly creative, shooter)
hmm.... i fear that we differ again.... in a world of horizontal shmups, this was quite average to say the most.

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