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... no matter where you go... there are super-frog haters everywhere.... bless them for they know not what

Overrated Amiga Games:
Shadow of the Beast 3
(not even a shadow of its former incarnations - pun intended)
Mortal Kombat
(epic waste of disks)

Gods -
(its a slow-paced-plat-puzzler with added boring)

Chaos Engine 2 -
(WTF where they smoking!!!)

Banshee -
(slow, boring, stupid level design.. I could go on!)

Monkey Island -
(lame humour to cover up a boring game)
Beneath a steel sky -
(see previous statement)
Another world -
(while I have beaten it, its only in spite of myself - its an arduous game, with so much repetition it makes you want to remove your teeth with a pair of pliers!)
Myst -
wow.... some one once told me there was a Game in here somewhere.... I didn't know it was actually in juggling the disc!

Bodyblows -
Slow and not enough frames of animation - felt jerky and not fluid as a beat'em up should be
Alien Breed 3DII -
is such a mess I dont know where to begin!

Underrated Amiga Games:
Armour-Geddon (if you haven't played this, you cannot call yourself an Amigan!)
Captive (sublime RGB made with honey, chocolate and the rarest awesome ever!)
Hunter - one of the best Amiga games ever made!
Super foul egg - Addictive and fun... and addictive..... very VERY addictive!
Dragonstone - get it and play it NOW!
Bloodnet (AGA) - a very absorbing cyperpunk RPG with Vampires!

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