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I genuinely cannot understand why Banshee is not raved about more often. It is 1942, reworked with awesome graphics and gameplay.
There is just so much detail, it is beautiful to watch and there's always something new to see. Plus it's Steampunk which by it's very nature is awesome.
The gameplay is pitched just right too, a cracking shooter, hard enough to be a challenge, but not psychotically difficult like some others.

Quite a few for me, but top of the list is Superfrog I'm arfaid. Just don't like it. The sound track is annoying as all hell after a few minutes, and the main character and graphics are to corny cutesy. I don't mind "cute" games, I love RodLand, Rainbow Islands, New Zealnad Story and Bubble Bobble, but something about trees with faces makes my fists itch.
I dunno, a frog in a cape? Just seems to be trying to hard.
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