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Just tried the game and i loooooooooooove it so much !!!!

I have some minor things to reproach, like for example the auto fire, the beam not stopped by the walls (it goes through), a few slowdowns sometimes, maybe more i don't know yet, but god the game is really addictive, the levels are immense, the level of details is very high (plenty of background and enemies animations !)...

Well so much to say, as for me it is already a masterpiece ! We are all waiting for a successor of Turrican 2 and i think that... WE HAVE IT !!!

I am waiting your comments guys, with Sturmwind coming very soon, it is for me the major release of this year !!!

A gem, a true classic, the game is going to stay in the restricted cult video games family !

And what to say about the soundtrack ???? Simply phenomenal, i don't know if the quality is the same on the aes version, but on the dreamcast it rocks !!! At last a soundtrack pround of the golden age, your levels of emotion and adrenalyn are at the maximum while you are playing !

I return to play a bit before sleeping, "chapeau bas" to the dev team !!!

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