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- Captive !! the best Amiga game i ever played !

- Bloodwych !! This one was really much underrated. Mainly because it's mediocre graphics, i guess. The game is LOOOnnng, and has that special dungeon crawler feeling that immense dungeons give to me.

- some sort of strategy game i loved to play, unfortunatly i forgot it's name. It was a shareware, i think, that was on an aminet set CD. You had to build up your planet, with collecting ressources, and building starships if i remember, and later you could go to other planets and colonize these too, and affter some time aliens came and attacked your planets. I don't remember exactly anymore, it was like 20 years agoo. Really not sure, but the name could have been something like "Colonization" (?). Edit: no, was not that name, just googled "Amiga colonization" wich was some Sid Meier game. But pretty sure the name was similar.
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