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Originally Posted by obmij77 View Post
Under: Supercars II. Good physics, good courses (very hard late on), sort of funny at times and what did AF give it - 82%....balls.
AF were a bit of a nonsense when it comes to racing games. They seemed to mark them all down on originality or some such spurious reason. Lotus 1 and 2 both received 89% from AF and its hard to find more well loved Amiga games.

Another case in point is the brilliant Nitro. Amiga Format didn't have a bad word to say about it and summed up with:


* Graphics are colourful and well drawn and help portray the racy action.
* Enjoyable and competitive gameplay, especially with three human players
* An addictive and playable translation of a tried and tested theme.
* The best race game of its type - even better than official coin-op conversions"

The rating? 84%...!

Originally Posted by Christian View Post
Overrated: any Sensible Soccer, Zool 1&2, Pinball Illusions, Street Fighter II, Cannon Fodder, Gods, James Pond.

I realise lots of people love those games, just didn't do it for me.
Yeah, I don't know what it is about Gods. I found it really tedious to be honest.

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