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Most people tend to say Zool was over-rated, and apart from a few over-zealous magazines back in the day its reception was a bit luke warm. To me this suggests it wasnt over-rated as it clearly wasnt rated all that highly
Having said this though I thought Zool2 was a really nice platformer, and was what the original Zool should have been. It's a shame the amiga version was the worst version released. Check out Zool2 on PC or Jaguar and the amiga version doesnt reach the standards set by them. I still enjoyed it on amiga, but it wasnt as good as the other versions.
As for the James Pond series, I personally think Robocod is one of the best ever platformers and holds its own against Mario and Sonic. On the surface it may appear a little generic, but when a person really delves in they soon discover its not what's on the surface that makes it so great.

SWIV Id have to agree with. It'k not bad, but far from great. Very basic gameplay and boring backdrops. It plays like a slick SEUCK game so much that theres even a clone done with seuck which manages to play pretty similarly (one of the better seuck games admittedly, but this doesnt stop it highlighting the very basic gameplay of SWIV).
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