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I voted for Shadow Fighter.
IK+ is great, but its in a different league.
Fightin Spirit is also great, but not quite as good as Shadow Fighter.

Shadow Fighter is the real BeU for the miggy computer... lots of characters to choose from, balanced gameplay, good specials, fast, great control scheme, fast disk acess... my only gripe with it is that sometime some hits take too much energy away, but you get used with it after some time.

Never played Capital Punishment, and it didnt seem to be too hot from the screenshots I saw.

Brutal Paws of Fury is also a GREAT beat'em up thats sadly underrated. Its much better than the Mega-Drive or Snes versions, it plays fantasticly, its fast. Its my runner up

Oh, now I see Brutal Paws of Fury isnt in the list. Add it to the poll NOW!
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