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Originally Posted by TDK View Post
Hey ho old chums,

Thought I'd let you know that I brought TDK out or retirement last year, and have now started on a chiptune album in my (little) free time.

I've been putting soundbites on my Soundcloud page -

I'm going to looking to do some live sets too, not sure yet if I'll integrate the violin in some form (Russian Theme anyone?) so if you're interested please 'like' me facebook page,

Also, if anyone is interested, I remixed and re-recorded my Cyberspeed soundtrack and put that on Bandcamp -

I think that's enough for now

Love it, love that you're bringing TDK back, and not taking the name in a different direction. Always loved your chip stuff when you were TDK, I only wish 4-Mat would resurrect some of his older stuff and re-visit it as well, then i'd die a happy man

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