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Originally Posted by garet74 View Post
aarrgghhh here all people have tribute 2 ..where is i don't know ,pls help me find it .i asked for it every where...
I made Tribute II years ago before Vista.....It was unique in the fact it was the first and only Multiformat DVD.... It booted on PC with its own menu and also booted on the old Black Xbox....
I Got your PM and i could sort one out for you but it wont work on Vista OR 7 im afraid I will dig you out a copy and PM you

Someone suggested Tribute III ( Which i would happily do ) but back then running Amiga stuff point and click from DVD was pretty special and im not sure many people would be interested now.....If there is interest though il do a 3rd version

Also the Bejeweled game looks great....You gotta finish it
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