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Hi all

Just thought I would let you know of a cure to the problem I had been having with my ACA 1231/42 card which appears to have been resolved. My card was delivered new with the metal heatsink, however I had not removed the two Capacitors as advised E123C and E125C from the motherboard and am only using a 25W PSU with an external CDrom attached. For a number of weeks I had been having the problem of the system just locking up with a 800002 Error message appearing. Often this would take place within about 30 mins of use and the heatsink itself was rather hot.

However I did remove the timing capacitors from my motherboard and this really made no difference whatsoever to the problem. What has cured the problem however is a tower fan unit blowing cold air on to the next to the machine and under the open trapdoor slot and this has kept the processor cool. I left the machine running overnight and found the next morning using this method that there wasnt a problem.

As my A1200 is still its original casing, placing a fan inside is a a tad impractical, however what I have found works rather well is placing the A1200 on top of a laptop chill mat. I have purchased one from Clas Ohlson with a twin fan and it keeps the A1200 cool, although the trapdoor slot still has to be left open. So far so good as it has yet to crash in about 3 days of heavy use.

Also please note that the Card appeared not to be compatible with the Archos CDrom drive (and I suspect the Zappo CDrom drives as these were the same) as there appeared to be a conflict with the card and the CDrom drive. So for others who do have this type of CDrom drive you may want to swap to an IDE solution.

Other than that its a fantastic card, much quicker than the Apollo 1230 I used to have and nice to have the extra memory on board too so a big thanks to Jens :-)
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