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to change between pal and ntsc hold down both mouse buttons while booting your will landing in the amigas space to toggle between pal and you can use ntsc from startup..when startup finished simply choose an ntsc-video-driver to boot in ntsc next time (Workbench:Prefs/Screen)..if your Screen isn't centered correctly use overscan to adjust your Screen..i recommend you to use a pal monitor because the better resolutions and the better color presentation..your machine will work fine with both standards

P.S. PAL - 50 Hz, NTSC - 60 Hz, some games need the correct Colorsystem they are produced for, because the graphics will run slower or faster in the different colorsystem. this makes timing problems some times and there is also the difference between the resolutions. for example PAL 640x256 vs. NTSC 640x200 or 640x512 vs. 640x400. i hope this will help you a bit

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