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Pal - Ntsc

I recently bought a PAL Amiga 1200, but I'm in the US, and I'm not exactly sure what I need in order to connect it to a monitor.

I considered buying a converter and just using VGA, but I came across something about a scan doubler? Wiki helped be understand a little about it, but I'm still not sure exactly what it is or what I should look for if/when I purchase one.

Whether I try using RF or composite, I'm going to run into the same PAL - NTSC problem either way, correct? (e.g. I'm going to need a signal converter)

I have a 1702 (could be an '01). It is my understanding that this is one of the monitors which is strictly either NTSC or PAL - mine being the former. What, if any, are my options for using this monitor with my PAL 1200?

I read holding the mouse button while booting will switch between PAL and NTSC. Is this for running foreign software, changing video output, or both?

I really appreciate any input.
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