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After viewing the archive, i can tell you it's all there what you need for the game. What you have to do is to run a workbench 1.3 with kickstart 1.3 and format a disk. there is a fastfilesystem-support in the archive but better to use OFS for the disk to format. After formatting disk, you have to make it bootable. Use the install command to do this. I don't remember the right usage it's something of this kind "install df0:". "Install ?" i think will prompt you how to use it correct. the developers of commodore do a very good work this time. I miss this correctness today very often. If the disk is formatted and bootable, you must only copy all the files in the archive to the disk (delete the *_1-Files, because that are duplicates you don't need) after copying you can boot the disk under kickstart 1.3. There is also a loadwb-command in the archive which is loaded by the startup-sequence. That means after boot the workbench inside will load, after an intro named sunrise(i think sunrise is only a picture). to skip the intro, delete the first line in the startup-sequence or put a semicolon as the first character of the line, so it won't be executed. it's interpreted as comment with the semicolon. After the Workbench is loaded you can run AmigaBasic by doubleclicking and load the Game. I only take a short look, so i don't can tell you which ist the right file, because your teacher didn't save the files with AmigaBasic's save as ASCII-feature, so the file are not readable with normal text-editors, but i think it should be one of the "bas00x.bc" files (not sure). good luck (to run it under kickstart 2.0 - 3.1 you need the batch-file to patch the AmigaBasic..i'll look for it)

P.S. my recommended configuration is 68000 more compatible, 512KB Chip-Ram, Kickstart 1.3, Workbench 1.3, no Fast-Ram and OCS..i'll test it tomorrow, i use an own version of Amiga-Emulator under Mac OS X snow leopard (10.6.5) and i think i'll get it runable. Maybe i can tell you more after.

One last thing. if you edit the startup-sequence, control the script-flag of the file after editing. it must be set.

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