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My god - this thread is a blast from the past!

Unfortunately I never did go back to the games even though I still have them on my desktop - I'll attach screenies to this post.

Would there still be any interest in these games.

(Actually, Im quite proud of my dictionary searching code in Bookworm. It does a binary search of the dictionary in real time on a base A1200 whenever you select a letter.)

I did briefly return to what I refer to as my baby, which is a game called textris (bookworm re-uses the graphics from it). Basically letters fall from the top of the grid and you have to make words - but it does have arcade elements like explosions, ufo's lightning etc... - it is rather flakey BUT when it works, it's not too shabby! I managed to totally re-write the engine so that it checks a whole grid, block by block with each block checked in 8 directions for a word. It does this in less than a second (but with a few shortcuts it seems instant) and this is pretty good. I was going to get around to putting the graphics in but, real life and that thing called work always get in the way!

If anyone is still interested in these then I may be pursuaded to start again as I'm off work in a weeks time for three long and much needed weeks!
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