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Originally Posted by spanner View Post
Look at this video,he has his Amiga 2000 using the power from the video port and it working ok..??
I'm not saying it can't work.
I'm saying I wouldn't do it..
Trying to draw too many AMPs over time could (I am thinking, I'm not a serious electronics guy) damage the Amiga (pop something???) and pulling too few might damage the GBS over time.

I got this:
.. and it seems to work for me so far.. (maybe not, read below)

p.s. Just hooked up my A1200 last night and noticed "sparklies" on the screen... I'm assuming it's my really bad solder job. I ordered a real DB23 (I am using one desoldered from an A520), which is on it's way. But I suppose it's possible it's the cheap power supply. I haven't checked the voltage. Not sure, but thought I'd mention it, as I was asked which one I got. If you saw my solder job tho, you'd agree it's the likely culprit.. ;-)
p.p.s. I just moved things around and found another psu that came with a wireless router. Tried it and no sparklies to speak of... So that cheap power supply I got might be too cheap.. I'll do some more testing...

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