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I know what you mean, DOOM is kinda of cramped to take on such an ambitious project as this, but I'll just look at it as a challenge. Even if it don't turn out to be a 100% clone on the Amiga port, at least I'll have produced something for it, and something I "think" people will enjoy.

On that note if the QBreed project has been revived then we'll have double the bliss!

Another thought I was having is that even if no one is pleased with my project in the end, that at least the resources will be available should anyone else want to start creating new AB3D maps for BOOM based engines. In fact this whole project when completed could easily be transferred over to a source port that does support 3D floors and what not, and it could then be made to be a more exact clone on it. I.E. if rumours about Odamex getting 3D floors are true, then we'd at least be able to play this AB3D TC in Odamex with 3D floors and all!
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