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Originally Posted by XDelusion View Post
Sadly, QBreed is dead, read below at bottom of this post. :/
girv's original project is dead, yes. But Andrew Loft took over and was working on it recently. The Aminet release I pointed out is from last November.

As for why I want to continue on with this project (that at times makes me want to pull my hair out), is because I'm one of those people who like to see what all I can push out of a limited environment
That's a very valid reason, I once tried to implement a point'n click adventure using "Garry Kitchen's Game Maker on the C64"

It just won't be a proper AB3D remake, that's all I'm saying. And you were asking for people who'd be capable of doing some heavy work on the Doom engine, at which point you're leaving "limited environment" territory anyway.

I just think the end result won't be close enough to AB3D. The level design was AB3D's strongest point, messing with that because of engine limitations isn't a good idea IMHO.
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