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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Quake engine is too heavy to run well on most classic amigas as well
True, it does require a 68060. But it's the only way to run a true conversion on a classic. With a Doom engine, the later levels will not have much resemblance to the original levels.

And I'd venture a guess that the majority of people interested in an AB3D remake would run it on more modern hardware, not on a classic.

not to mention Doom "feels" more like AB3d as well. The Qbreed project was interesting, but it always felt like you was playing Quake still.
The difference is that you can change pretty much every aspect of Quake without having to rewrite the engine - there are racing games using the standard Quake engine. You were playing an early alpha release, of course that didn't feel the the finished product yet.
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