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Well I f*ck*d a perfectly good Amiga 2mb ram expansion 2 days ago

Being the inquisitive type!! I decided to open this a500 w 2mb ram and kick 2.05 (more to see what type of ram nboard it was, cuz some wire went off into the miggy!)

anyway I opened up and found a cradle from the ram board to the gary chip!! being curious I pulled this cradle out, now the cradle has the Gary chip seated in it! anyway I went to put it back in and didn't notice 2 bent pins, pushing a bit too hard I snapped them

Lets say that the ream board doesn't give me a proper 2mb now

if anyone has a solution for the 2 broken pins.. I am all ears as kick 2.05 isn't too nice in a 512k machine


Also my a500 keyboard developed an error (same one as I killed in previous post) and cost me £60 for a new one!

I went on to sell aid a500 with games, external drive, knackered keyboard (number2) for £200 and bought a fine A1200 for £299
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