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I have not voted cuz the option isn't available!!!

Anyway when I got my a500 for Christmas 1990 (I was 15) I was thrilled, anyway at the end of Jan beginning of Feb one of the metal sliders came off the disk inside the disk drive

Anyway being the immature/stupid/foolish/curious kid I was I decided to put a knife into the drive and try and remove the slider BIG MISTAKE!!!

Thats 1 Disk-drive dead -- still there is always the warranty, play dumb eh

erm... well no... not when you have a stupid 15yr old!!

I decided the best option would be to open the computer and repair it myself !!! Ooops bigger mistake

So not only did I kill a perectly working diskdrive I also killed 11months of warranty

Lucky my dad didn't kill me eh!

anyway I had to save and get a new disk drive and pay for the cost of a new cia chip to be fitted .. total cost to me then was oooh! about £150.00
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