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What about....

spilling coffee all over the computer? My (seemingly) biggest catastrophe was when I did indeed spill coffee all over my Miggy 1200. I had just installed my new Blizzard 1230 card and was enjoying the new power it unvieled and I must have got too excited and knocked me bloody flask all over. I proceded to panic and promptly turned my miggy upside down to stop the coffee going any further. I gave it a little shake and thought that it would be alright upside down for an hour (switched off of course) and left to drain.
I put the miggy the right way and switched on.........
I nearly s**t my kegs with worry. I thought that the sugar content of my coffee had disintegrated some of my motherboard or even my new Blizz board!!!!! After a restless night at work I decided to have another look at my miggy to see what was what. Something told me to look in the trap-door and lo and behold I found the bloody problem. Thank God for that.....

Problem: Blizzard card had work loose from the expansion slot.
Solution: Re-seat it firmly and stop drinking bloody coffee next to my beloved machine.

Needless to say it never happened again.
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