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Originally Posted by jimbob View Post
Fast work, I still have a browser tab open from when 4mat posted about the "origins" album release.

I love this, the sounds reach right into my reptile brain and make me feel like I'm 14 again, only all 21st centuried up in production quality. I am shamefully unaware of the heritage, where can I hear 4mats original amiga stuff please?
This was the one that really started it all..

[ Show youtube player ]

There are more on YouTube if you don't have a means of playing MODs (Deliplayer for Windows/UADE etc.)

Matt "invented" the method of using Noisetracker to play short tuned loops of fuzz and noise (just a few bytes long) to render a sort of pseudo "chip tune" alike sound - sort of a cross between an AY/YM chip and SID (depending on how much of an arduous amount of time you wanted to spend editing patterns and subtle loop-pointers).

None of them are strictly chip tunes as they're all technically sample-driven.

Memory is hazy but I think his work appeared before the Amiga had SIDMon, Future Composer and MED's synth sound editor, but after Brian Postma's Sound Editor and the original Bugmon (both early 1989).

* * *

Incidentally, when 4mat's first "chip" efforts were released and spread, they appeared everywhere in intros / disk mag soundtracks / demos, etc. Opinion was divided along the lines that (1) they were small and tuneful and could even compress into a bootblock intro, but (2) they sounded like a hive of angry bees causing a nearby small dog (perhaps a daschund) to fart in fear and sneeze periodically. Though perhaps it was only I who held that view.

And still do.


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