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Sadly, QBreed is dead, read below at bottom of this post. :/

As for why I want to continue on with this project (that at times makes me want to pull my hair out), is because I'm one of those people who like to see what all I can push out of a limited environment, in this case it being an engine, but not just any engine. The very engine that AB3D's engine was designed to be a tribute to, and in some way a successor.

Also, this will allow me to feed my desire to release a DOOM Total Conversion that does not take advantage of many if not any of the new advantage brought to the table by source ports such as PrBOOM, GzDOOM, Odamex, and so on. As an editor, I have watched the DOOM scene change over the years. More and more features have been added, and much of the editing has been simplified. With that in mind it has caused me to trash my old efforts and redesign my yet to release Star Wars Total Conversion with some of these new additions in mind. At the same time it kind of depressed me because the classic DOOM, BOOM, and MBF knowledge I gained while learning how to edit, would now go to waste. On top of that it was kind of sad because some of the new DOOM Source ports were not portable, not to mention resource friendly when it came to some of the high end features they now support, such as OGG, 3D models and Hi-Res textures.

Needless to say, when Fish mentioned the idea of making an AB3D TC with the BOOM engine, it perked my interest! With this I could go back and take advantage of all the old school DOOM knowledge, as well as release something that would be available to the Amiga community at large. We've got BOOM which will run fine on 040's and above (which I would think most of us own by now), we've got Odamex on AROS which is still being fleshed out, but it works! We got PrBOOM GL for OS 4, we got PrBOOM software mode for MorphOS and AROS, and sometimes down the road we will also have PrBOOM Plus GL for AROS which I'm sure will then be portable to MorphOS and OS 4.

By supporting Boom and maybe later PrBOOM for classic Amigas, I can ensure that it will be fully compatible with all Amiga compatible enhanced DOOM engines, so I will in this way be able to develop and release a game for the Amiga community! More than that I will be able to bring back an Amiga classic that many will not play because of the small screen size and limited control scheme. But that's not all...

BOOM and PrBOOM have been ported to nearly everything including the Nintendo DSi, so in a way this will open to door to make AB3D broadly available.

Now without the addition of real 3D floors such as those you will find in GzDOOM, DOOM Legacy, cDOOM, the latest zDOOM SVN, and so forth, I will have to make a few adjustments to mimic the levels in the BOOM engine. I.E. I will be able to do room above room, and floors that you can walk above and below, but I can not get the enemies to walk on those floors, the floor above floor yes, but the 3d floor no as it will be a hack in the DOOM engine and not a true 3D floor.

Likewise I will not be able to do multi-tier stairs, I.E. a 3D floor above a 3D floor above a 3D floor. If I can, I have not figured out a way to pull it off yet, though even if I could, I still would not be able to do those on stair shoot outs that you find in one or two of the later levels.

That being said I can at least make a work around, replace the stairs with an elevator or something, then the rest of the level would of course play out the same as the original.

There may be other small sacrifices that I have to make in order to make this work, though I've not found anything major yet. What I intend to do to compensate though is add a few details to the maps and enemies that were not present in the original game, but will make it look better over all and less 1994, but without adding in anything that would take away from the original game experience.

Of course Alien Breed 3D only has 16 levels and DOOM II has a total of 32, so this will leave an additional 16 levels that I could create to take place after the original 16 in which case the sky is the limit and I could go all out with the new features that BOOM, and or MBF and PrBOOM offer.

Last but not least with the likes of Odamex and PrBOOM Plus I can make custom additions that would be available in a separate download. I.E. for Odamex you have a ton of On-Line features that compare to the features found in modern on-line games. On top of that you have sloped floors, an advanced scripting system, and a ton of other features found in zDOOM 1.22 and after. With this I could go very deep, but I want to finish off the initial project first before I set anything in stone.

Now with PrBOOM Plus GL I will be able to do everything that PrBOOM can do, plus add in an OGG based sound track to assign to each level. Or I can use ambient tracks instead that can be triggered when walking into certain rooms and what have you. I.E. you go from a well lit room with no enemies that is playing peaceful bird chirping sounds and what not. Then you enter a elevator the ambiance stops and you begin to descend downward. When the elevator doors open and you step out into the dark underground room, the ambiance picks up again, but this time with something much more sinister.

On top of that I will be able to replace all the textures and sprites with Hi-Resolution ones which will really make the game look nice. Oh and there is no 256 Color palette limit with PrBOOM Plus GL either!

So in short, my choices are made based upon illogical passion.


"Based on what I’d learned of the level data structure from the source code, I wrote a set of utilties that would convert the basic structure of AB3D levels to maps for id Software’s Quake 1 engine. Combined with a Quake mod to implement the AB3D game logic, this was QBreed.

It worked well enough for the early levels, but because the Quake 1 engine was built around 16 bit fixed point mathematics it couldn’t support the extent of map that was required to successfully convert some later ones. The floating point based Quake 3 engine supports the required map extent and I did have a version of QBreed running under Quake 3 at one point, but lacked the time to do anything more with it. This project too was abandoned, but you can download a snapshot of the final QBreed development directory here."



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