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Originally Posted by XDelusion View Post
In closing I will list in order of importance, a few things that AB3D has and what DOOM source ports have the features need to pull them off.
Please don't get me wrong: I appreciate your efforts, I checked out your initial level, and it's a decent start.

But you're using the wrong software. Yeah, I get it - Doom is cult, you like it and you're familiar with the tools. But spending ages to come up with a Doom engine that does about 90% of what AB3D has been doing just doesn't make any sense.

Quake should be able to handle AB3D, including bouncing grenades, enemy AI and stuff like that. There's a tool to convert level geometry from AB3D to quake format, there is (was) one guy already working on it and girv was giving hints (see thread on

Check out this release, complete with 68k executable:

It's an early alpha, just like yours. But it's a better start, becase the engine has everything you need to properly clone AB3D.
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