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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

what demo did you use, I would like to try that here.

Honestly...take your pick.

A good example is any of the Kefrens Multi MegaMix music disk releases (all 3 are quite good too).

All 3 are also available in WHDLoad versions.

The bottom of all 3 has your typical scroller with greets and such. First view them on a RGB CRT and then view them through the GBS8220 onto any VGA monitor. LCD or CRT doesn't matter.

Its very VERY noticeable. And this isn't just for these 3 either. Anything with silky smooth 50Hz scrolling suffers the same. But with scrolling Text it almost hits you like a hammer in the face at the difference.

Originally Posted by spanner View Post
Well all I care about is if it works on mine and it looks better then a RF and AV signal and works on my flatscreen..

I don't play demos anyway..

Whats the saying? Ignorance is bliss?

I understand that you are happy that its better than RF and AV and don't view demos, but neither doesn't change the fact that you can not achieve smooth scrolling with this device. End of story. Some may not notice or even be bothered by it. Good for them, I wish I could say the same.

However others, such as ajk, Mark Wright and myself its a different story. It stands out like a sore thumb and destroys the experience for us.

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