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Originally Posted by twiggy View Post
I used ACAtune and got something loaded up (on a A600). As the documentation says, the keyboard doesn't work. Other than that, I just got a trashcan and a set of menus that didn't do much.
Excellent, you are the first one running EmuTOS on real Amiga hardware

You went to the EmuTOS desktop, there is not much more (it is a minimal OS).

You didn't get any drive icon on the desktop because no mass storage was detected. Currently, only IDE drives (or CompactFlash) cards are supported on A600/A1200 hardware. They need to be connected as Master device. EmuTOS has limited partition support, it requires a PC-like partition table and one or more FAT16 primary partition. Basically, if you format an IDE hard disk or CompactFlash card on a PC, carefully using a FAT16 (2GB max) partition, it should work immediately on EmuTOS. Then you can run external Atari programs, etc.

About the keyboard issue, I reproduced it using WinUAE 2.4.1 (thanks Toni for the hint). I will look at that acknowledge issue.

Many thanks for your test
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