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"buy in bulk" is not really an option, as all the stock out there is scattered in small quantities all over different chip brokers. The trick on this new low-cost card is that all components are SMT and they're mounted on the same side as the 68-pin socket that goes on the 68000 processor. The result is that the whole thing can be produced in a standard process without too much manual work. The appearance of the card would be that all components face down after it's installed in the A600.

Also, 5.5MBytes is not what I'm looking for. The smallest 32-bit SD-Ram chip you can buy these days is 16MByte, and a lot of that will be idle/unusable on the card. However, the PCMCIA vs. Fastram thing is a kickstart limitation, not a hardware limitation. To get around that, I'd make just a few MBytes auto-config, then let Kickstart do it's PCMCIA thing and add the rest of the fastmem to the freemem list when PCMCIA is fully activated. It *should* result in a machine with 9MBytes fastmem, and no loss of usable memory if you activate Maprom. As a result, 6MBytes of physical memory would be unused.

If there's some space in the logic, I could add some memory here and there, provided that the Amiga OS and programs can handle memory in unusual areas:

1472 KBytes at $a8.0000 to $bf.0000
512 KBytes at $d0.0000 to $d8.0000
896 KBytes at $ea.0000 to $f8.0000

This would add 2.8MBytes to usable system ram, resulting in a machine with a total of 11.8MBytes fastmem. Again, Maprom would come for free in that system, PCMCIA would work for networking and you just have to forget about 3.2MBytes that will be completely unusable (not even for special software).

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