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or just play games at 60Hz

As zetro is one of the folks who could probably build one of these devices if he really put his mind to it I'd believe what he says, plus they have the benefit of working with a large range of hardware, any old machine that does rgb, plenty TV games and also EGA

Also, in the amiga tradition someone is also selling what appears to be this device in a box with a MAGICAL-STICKER on it for about £90...

Another... another alternative, is to find a 100Hz tv.

Another another another alternative is to get a projector.

I have yet to hear of anyone saying that their LCD projector doesn't work with 15Khz signals. Obviously projectors come with their own issues but there's no shortage of those about*

* ( will immediately hear of someone whose projector doesn't work with 15Khz signals now that I've said that ).

Finally, there's the lucky dip that your TFT that isn't a television "just works" with amiga signals ( I wish someone would make a list of models that do ), the vast majority of vga CRT's won't though, but it's only us olde diehards still using CRT's with pcs anyway.

That concludes this semi-random post.
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