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Originally Posted by ajk View Post
I don't have such a device myself, but if the input is 50 Hz and the output 60 Hz, there will be either stuttering or tearing. It might not be particularly distracting, but if there are less images per second coming in than are going out, some of those images will have to be sent out more than once, either in full (stutter, likely every fifth video field duplicated) or in part (tearing).

Being that I own and use one of these I have not noticed this stuttering you mention - I would take a you-tube - but its pointless as that would introduce stuttering while decoding.

All I can honestly say is that the is no stuttering in my humble opinion, no matter what 50hz machine I plumb up, nor what display device I use - there is none of this stuttering you mention - while I appreciate that some older devices have this fault (as well as some newer ones) this doesn't seem apparent with this adapter.

I have played superfrog for a fair few levels... theres no tearing, not stuttering or jerking of any kind. I have also laid down some law with Project X and Alien Breed TA - again no tearing, no jerking or stuttering - it was fast smooth gameplay.

As I have mentioned before there are only two and half faults with the device

1. on 50hz input I have to adjust the luminosity as its dark.
2. on the LCD screen the output is a little washed.
2.5 on AGA machines, I have notices a subtle colour banding.

and thats it... for the paltry sum of £25 its damn awesome adapter.
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