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I'm quite embarrassed to say this but here goes. About 7 or 8 years ago I borrowed Ishar III from some guy I knew from school. It was a copied version of Ishar III and not the original. This guy didn't look after his disks very well so they weren't in the best condiion. Anyway I'd been playing it for ages and got really far but I hadn't saved the game. I got to a part of the game where I needed to insert another disk into df0. I pulled out the disk and to my horror the metal shutter had come off inside the damn disk drive. Here comes the bad bit (turn away now). Not wanting to lose my position in the game I decided to perform open-Amiga surgery. My mission was to remove the shutter from within the Amiga disk drive while it was still on!! That was Big Mistake Number 1. Big Big Mistake Number 2 was using a metal knife to extract said metal shutter whilst the Amiga was still on. Eventually I prised the little git out. When I inserted the disk it wanted (surprise surprise) nothing happened. I'd completely screwed up all the drive heads as well as some other important hardware. Basically I'd totally screwed up my Amiga and it was completely unusable. I didn't have a hard drive at the time. I was only in my early teens and this had to come out of my pocket money. It cost about £100 to fix and took nearly a year cos I'd given it to a guy I knew across the road from me who could fix Amigas. He was always busy and I had to keep bugging him to fix it. I can't think what I did for that whole year. That's my only (thank god) Amiga Catastrophe!
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