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Sadly my friend I believe that this VDU will only accept 31Khz video signal... in fact I suspect its lowest sync will be about 34KHz...

Without any aid or extra addions the Amiga will only output a 15Khz native signal - this can with the use of a productivity screen mode be boosted to 31.2 KHz... However things like games and general useage (unless specified to use a productive mode like Euro72 ) wont be able to be displayed.

Looking at your screen, I suspect even the Euro72 and Productivity screen outputs wont be of high enough frequency for the monitor to Sync down to.

An alternative is using a little something between the Amiga and the Monitor --- I have had much success with this

CGA/RGB/YUV/EGA to VGA GBS-8220 £24.50 inc postage

hooked up my A500/600 and A1200 with this, amongst my CPC464/Specrtum 128/128+ and +3 / 2AB!

I have also hooked up my friends CPC6128 with HXC which was quite nice.... I did find on the spectrum and amstrad that the colours were a little washed but very useable on the LCD - however on the 42"Plasma (via VGA) and 19"VGA monitor the images were very crisp and clear -

The item also acts as a flicker fixer as well, so it de-interlaces screens so no more flickering - I am really impressed with its ability and its pretty amazing for its price!
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