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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
The other project I was interested in was KickTOS.
Exactly! When I saw the KickTOS video 2 years ago, I realized that the ST-High video mode (only 1 bitplane) was compatible with the Amiga Playfield hardware. So I thought that EmuTOS should work... and it does

Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Just curious though, can this be used on a real amiga as well, or is it soley for the emulator realm?
It should work on real Amiga hardware, but you will have to replace the Kickstart ROM
Also, the keyboard may not work correctly because I didn't send the acknowledges (not required by WinUAE).

For Atari machines, EmuTOS is also shipped as RAM version, to be loaded from floppy or hard disk without having to replace the ROM. It works fine on ST hardware. We could easily do the same for Amiga, if someones writes a loader.

Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
(why wouldnt someone just use something like STonX, Hatari, or Steem for example instead?)
Don't search any good reason for the existence of EmuTOS for Amiga. I did it because it's cool, no more

Originally Posted by strim View Post
I don't know much about TOS internals, but maybe I could help adding support for some Amiga hardware. I wrote a few drivers for the NetBSD .
Definitely, you are welcome! Feel free to examine the sources (the Amiga specific parts are really tiny), and you can join the emutos-devel mailing list for further work.

Originally Posted by frank_b View Post
They need floppy support implemented for the amiga. Colour support would be nice too
Yes, floppy support is really a key missing feature.
However, EmuTOS supports only FAT12/FAT16 filesystems, so it is probably not worth supporting traditional Amiga floppies.
And I'm not sure if Amiga emulators support Atari floppy images (similar to PC ones).

About Color video modes, unfortunately I'm not sure if they could work (without additional drivers, of course). The Atari hardware uses interlaced bitplanes every 16 pixels, and I'm not sure that the Amiga Playfield hardware is able to handle that

Originally Posted by deg View Post
very cool project, with the only problem that most of the worthwhile ST applications would hit the hardware in some way and not be pure TOS/GEM.
True. But the latest Atari compatible machines (Milan...) were not so much compatible with the original ST hardware, so clean programs finally appeared. Those ones should work fine on Amiga.

Originally Posted by deg View Post
My guess is that the neochome paint program will not work
It will probably never work. It uses ST-Low color video mode, rasters...

Originally Posted by deg View Post
however perhaps the "Magic Shadow Archiver" for atari .msa disk images will work?
If MSA only uses the BIOS to access the floppies, it should also work on Amiga as soon as a floppy driver is available.

Originally Posted by gibs View Post
Yes, I know but how to kick it (on real hw)? I tried with BlizKick without success...
I don't know BlizKick, but if you explain me what it does I may be able to build a custom EmuTOS for it.
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