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The one thing that stands out to me amongst all of this is just how impressive AB3d was for its day. Yes, its a little chunky graphically, but the engine itself seems pretty impressive for the time.
Im also surprised how little the gameplay has dated. While playing through over the last week or so I found myself just as addictied as I ever was. This is almost unique as far as original amiga fps games go, with the vast, vast majority of them dating very badly (same can be said of a lot of older pc fps games too, but the amiga ones were overwhelmingly mostly pretty bad).
Slight sidebar, but I did get a bit stuck at the end of level6, where you need to hit both switches that close quickly, then run to doorway.... seems the "trick" is that you can press the switches while your back is to them, making it easier to reach the other in time. This was the only part Ive encountered so far that I found frustrating.

Anyway, after being very limited I have a few hundred meg of internet data to play with now, so I'll download all the sources and graphics and whatnot and get started on a slight spruce up.
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