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A thread for showing off big-screen Amiga setups? Well if you insist

big-screen-amiga-1 by videogameperfection, on Flickr

Fantasy World Dizzy, zoomed with aspect ratio maintained!

big-screen-amiga-2 by videogameperfection, on Flickr

Apidya - Only a little zoom needed this time

big-screen-amiga-3 by videogameperfection, on Flickr

Closeup showing simulated scanlines (moire patters not present on actual TV)

My Setup:-

Sony KDL-40Z4500 TV 40" (lovely low input lag TV)
Extron RGB 203 Rxi interface (needed for picture centring)
DVDO Edge video processor (for zooming and XRGB3 compatibility)
XRGB3 video processor (properly handles Amiga's low resolution modes, optionally adds fake scanlines)
Amiga CD32 + SX32 and CF hard drive

Biggest problem with HDTVs is the deinterlacing, feed them an interlace image and it comes out as a wonderful flicker free workbench. Feed them a non-interlaced game and they try to deinterlace that too Not as bad as it sounds though and the scaling can be okay-ish on some sets. I guess not everyone wants to go to the extremes I have
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