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By who's definition would leaving it after 5 or so years mean it hasnt scratched the original itch? Surely that's up to the developer? He's done his work, and has mostly reached his goals, so who knows, maybe he's happy with that? From what Ive seen Im under the impression that its was more the people riding Thomas's tailcoats and trying to validate themselves by claiming to be "on the natami team" that were the ones who promoted it as something that would be on sail at all, let alone given dates.

I was also under the impression that the announcement from a month or so back was made by people other than Thomas, claiming that there'd be something for sale in the future, but not under the name Natzmi.

To me it looks like Natami has all but been abandoned, the only few people claiming it'll still happen being those that were never really part of "the team" anyway?
So far as Im concerned its over and done with. As I pointed out more than a few times I was sceptical in the past about it ever seeing the light of day. Now moreso than ever.

Not being negative here, Thomas did some good work with his project, and Im happy for him to have had some success with the engineering side of it. The often heard claims of it being a new, "super amiga" that people can buy at some point I believe to be more a figment of a small group of peoples imaginations (those that liked to tell others theyre a member of the natami team but who actually did nothing). Sorry if I drone on those people a little, but it annoys me to see others try to take credit for someone elses work, and unfortunately there was a few of those "involved" with the natami engineering experiment project.
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