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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Here we go again... Don't put words in my mouth.

Actually Cloanto have donated hardware and other things.

The person i really feel sorry for is Toni Wilen who devotes so much time to Winuae ( without that the roms really are worth shite ) and he survives on donations yet all these packages use his free application and they dont even need to ask permission !!

I do hope however they look after him in some way

Did I ?

Apologies if you think i put words in your mouth but i really didnt ?

The statement i made was meant in totally the reverse....There are many packages that use Winuae i was refering to the fact if it wasnt for Winuae there would probably be no community and the roms really would be worthless....I did mention that cloanto probably pay a tidy sum for the rom licence but that was all ....nothing linking to yourself...In fact in the post i was defending Cloanto at the time

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