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Originally Posted by Mendel View Post
It felt like too big for one day. Very big for a week... then you get used to it and it feels great. High definition and 3d material is what itīs best for (Avatar in 3d was awesome) but it does a decent job of scaling to retro stuff too. Alien breed 3d 2 converted to stereoscopic 3d is very nice with the enemy projectiles flying straight at ya! (I instintively kind of dodge them by moving my head ) Itīs also fun as a mame display!
Hi Mendel. Lovely TV. Mine also converts 2D->3D but I've found its pointless for converting TV and films. Much better to stick with proper 3D source material than this software conversion rubbish. I don't get any sense of 3 Dimensions whatsoever. But I never thought to try it with Amiga games. I wonder what Frontier looks like in converted 3D.

Very interesting...

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