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Originally Posted by myst View Post
First of all not that much of Internet uses PHP. Most of sites that wasn't made 10 years ago are done in Python/Django. Secondly, Apache IS NOT "dedicated handler" of anything, Apache is a web server. "Handling" of PHP is done by one of Apache's modules and that's it. And it's a bad idea to call someone idiot when you don't fully understand what you are talking about. Hope this helps.
No, it doesn't "help", it makes you come across as a pedant and a troll. You are technically correct in many regards, all of which are irrelevant.

We've been running a PHP-based web service for a few years. Our hosting provider changed the underlying distro, broke (disabled) PHP in the process, then proceeded to tell us that our last three years of service had only been possible because of a "bug". These people are idiots.

Anyways, I shan't get bogged down in this. Amibay is back and we're currently assessing our future options. It's likely we'll transition to a new hosting provider and probably take the opportunity to upgrade to vBulletin 4 whilst we're at it.

I'd also like to express my thanks to the EAB staff for allowing our 'refugee' members a space to come together and for us to keep them informed. It's appreciated guys!

Anyway, as Amibay is now back up and running, I think this thread has probably served its purpose, so perhaps a passing member of the lovely EAB staff would like to close it for us?

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