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This is drifting slightly off-topic, so just very short answers.

Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
A few more questions, if I may. How did you get the necessary signals from the A600 trapdoor slot for Indivision ECS to work? This is really bewildering to me.
The trapdoor slot has the full chip bus, including register address lines. Indivision ECS does NOT watch the Denise output, but sniffs the Chip bus and feeds it's own implementation of Denise with that data. The output picture is pushed into the framebuffer, and then the flickerfixer does it's thing.

Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
How did you manage to find A1200 and A600 trapdoor slot connectors? I thought they were quite hard to find nowadays.
I have my own tooling, so I can make any quantity and almost any number of pins in that Raster.

Originally Posted by alenppc View Post
Any chances of a production rerun of ACA630?
Nope, the ACA630 will not be produced any more. I do have a lower-cost, lower-performance design for the A600 in the CAD system, but need to find the time to give that a test run. I hope that this new card will be available for this year's xmas business. I want this to be cheap enough to compete with bare fastmem expansions for the A600.

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